Hannah and I - Drillers Game

I’m an Oklahoma State University student from Kansas City, Kansas. I’m pursuing a degree in strategic communications with an emphasis in public relations and marketing.

My life revolves around music and wherever I find passion readily evident. I’m writing this blog purely to keep stray thoughts from banging around my head, so don’t take me too seriously. Comments, feedback, criticisms, compliments and superfluous lists are encouraged!

In compliance with the FTC ruling, here is a disclosure policy informing any reader of my blog what they need to know:
I do not write this blog for monetary compensation. I write it for intrinsic reasons or to satisfy scholastic demands from my teachers.
If this blog ever achieves financial worth, I will disclose when the words being posted are not truly my own. This includes, but is not limited to, sponsored links, free products, advertising, being asked to comment on a specific product, private jet rides and company “swag.”
My twitter feed is updated by only myself and it reflects my personal opinions.