Yesterday a girl walking across library lawn dropped the enormous stack of papers she was desperately attempting to carry all over the green expanse. Several students and I helped her retrieve all of the rogue parchment and put them all back in the corresponding order. The smile on her face after receiving all of this unnecessary help was astonishing to me. Are we predisposed to just let other human beings make mistakes around us and just let it be? What kind of monsters are we if this behavior isn’t expected every minute of each life? This thought resonated with me throughout the day. Did this one positive event in that girl’s life completely change her attitude that day? Did she proceed to do good unto others as it had been done to her? It becomes a bit sad when something that should be expected of the general population is considered extraordinary. Helping other human beings makes you a “good” person not a “normal” person. At least the other students and I can find solace in the fact that this one girl was treated the way she properly should and perhaps she started treating others in this manner. With this kind of ripple effect it’s interesting to pinpoint the source as it was just a small event that took less than a couple minutes. At least some of us are moving in the right direction.