Many times in life I find myself exactly where I want to be. Maybe I should have higher standards or perhaps society has just placed the bar too low but there are certain points in my existence when I can’t help but realize life cannot get much better at that moment. The unfortunate event to come is when I have this feeling for too long. It may seem paradoxical but it is detrimental for me to always feel I have accomplished my goals.Complacency is one of the big things I have trouble with and though it is quite contradictory, the feeling of being behind is actually very beneficial. I tend to get too comfortable with my friends, organizations, and schoolwork and in turn don’t work half as hard as I did starting out the relationship or term or whatever it may be. I regret enough to know the valuable gift of just forgetting once in a while and starting from scratch. Occasional reality checks help me revert back to what I used to be and what I always should be. Someone striving to get ahead in last place.