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I think it’s a blessing that I live farther from college than most students. Most students have that option to go home on the weekend to do laundry or pick up some forgotten items but for some reason I relish in the fact that I can’t do this. I’ve never developed an avid bond with my hometown or the people in it so maybe my leaving can’t be adequately compared to a child who lives two hours or less from campus. I think I just enjoy the fact that I’m becoming independent and have to rely on myself down here because Mommy and Daddy are a little out of the picture. When I actually do come home it’s a huge deal, which may be a secret egotistical reason I enjoy being out of state but for the most part I like distancing myself from my past as much as humanly possible. I didn’t have a horrible past or anything, I just feel college demands an entirely new focus from me and I shouldn’t dwell on high school happenings or past mistakes. I believe that if I would have attended the universities in my state, I’d be sucked into living an extension of my past rather than starting a new chapter. In the end I just enjoy coming from a distant land and inserting myself into Oklahoman life where I feel like I actually fit in. Maybe I should have just grown up here in the first place.


Video Project

Here’s the link to my Electronic Communications video project…


Nothing scares me more than my own future. The fact that I can set a guideline, but can’t affect what happens, is just terrifying to me. I never wanted to do a job purely for the money but there’s so many factors of adult life that are uncontrollable so no matter how hard I work to get that job things still may go hectically wrong. This time in college seems like an eternity but in 4 years it will be the thing I look back on most. All of the classes and clubs I am involved in are all working towards that fact that one day I will join the labor force and realize that I’m doing something that I truly love, I’m doing something just for the money, or I may not even have a say in the matter and have to choose a terrible job just to survive. That kind of gambling with my life just scares me. Even gaining an edge on other competitors but earning a degree doesn’t guarantee anything. Right now in college I’m basically working toward the chance that I perhaps may be offered a job. I will never be able to handle how short time time really is. The brevity of it is always underestimated.