Nothing scares me more than my own future. The fact that I can set a guideline, but can’t affect what happens, is just terrifying to me. I never wanted to do a job purely for the money but there’s so many factors of adult life that are uncontrollable so no matter how hard I work to get that job things still may go hectically wrong. This time in college seems like an eternity but in 4 years it will be the thing I look back on most. All of the classes and clubs I am involved in are all working towards that fact that one day I will join the labor force and realize that I’m doing something that I truly love, I’m doing something just for the money, or I may not even have a say in the matter and have to choose a terrible job just to survive. That kind of gambling with my life just scares me. Even gaining an edge on other competitors but earning a degree doesn’t guarantee anything. Right now in college I’m basically working toward the chance that I perhaps may be offered a job. I will never be able to handle how short time time really is. The brevity of it is always underestimated.