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How not to release press

As a public relations student I have learned to understand just how important a press release can be in determining a how a story will unfold. If the journalist doesn’t receive enough info from the release or the release is egotistically spun in the first place, a great news story can become a distorted and unintentional lie. Press releases must be respected so they will respect us. My classes have shown me several examples of how to write a release but I find I learn much better when I know exactly what NOT to do. I found a fantastic news release that is a shining example to PR and journalism students of what not to strive for.

The news release is promoting the Aggieland Leasing service in College Station, Texas. The real estate service is highlighting the inexpensive renting service and the quality of the homes. Did I mention I had to read the press release about four times to grasp what it was even talking about? The grammar is borderline Neanderthal and half of the sentences don’t even make sense. I always thought the press releases I have written for class assignments were embarrassing inadequate but this press release gives me new hope in my abilities. The release is strongly biased and an inverted pyramid writing technique has been recklessly abandoned for disjunct and chaotic fragments of information arranged into sentences. Journalism and PR students will find this to be quite humorous so check out that press release for a quick self esteem booster!


Music Blog

Some friends recently introduced me to a site called The title is a little cheesy but the song is one of the best musical aggregators I’ve ever seen. In the age of the Internet, it’s a little difficult to find new music because anyone with a mac and some free time can create music and put it on the Internet. This mass overflow of music makes it hard to weed out the good from the not so good. This site is a wonderful music blog devoted to electronic and hip hop music. These two genres may not appeal to all music lovers but they should at least be given a chance because electronic artists are making incredible music nowadays. 

The site features advertisements for the artists and allows them to promote their work on the site. The creator of the blog is a former colorado student who writes posts praising these artists and shares all the new music he finds on his blog. It is an amazing way to find new music and isn’t as hit or miss as some random music generator sites can be. You can also download almost all of the songs for free so the musicians are more concerned with their music being heard rather than the royalties they make off of it. I believe this is the proper way to treat music distribution and the type of promotional work the site features completely benefits the artists. As a musician, I value what this site does and how it praises the work on their. The site is Check it out.

In the age of the Internet it is overwhelming to try and find new music. Music aggregators have helped to achieve some sort of solution to this problem but they are normally hit and miss considering the music they feature. A blog that some friends introduced me to has shown me what a great music aggregate can be and the amazing potential behind it. The site is called This site was started by a Colorado student and is an effort to try to bring the music he loves to as many people as possible. The main musical genres represented are electronic and hip hop but feature different songs that would appeal to any music lover.

The site is organized very effectively from an advertising standpoint because the songs are given a lot of space on the page for artwork and promotion. Ads are place on the side supporting the artists and gives the musicians priority over the way their songs are portrayed on the site. I believe this is the way artists should be able to promote their work in this digital era, coming from a passionate musician. The blog writing is very simple and is written by the creator of the site so he is passionate about every single song that is published on the site. It’s the proper way to distribute digital music and should be seen as an example of the right way to show people new music. I highly recommend visiting the site and giving the songs a chance. Again the site is 


This week i stumbled upon (pun intended) a very interesting site. I have no fascination with zombies beyond cinematic adventures or maliciously killing them in video games, but this site really put me in the shoes of an apocalypse survivor. The site is and is cited as being created by Heather Albano and Richard Jackson. If you visit the site you’ll notice the simple layout and easily digestible text that occupies the page. You’re immediately immersed in a recently zombie-stricken narrative and a small introduction precedes some simple questions. These questions determine your path for surviving this zombie breakout and once you click an option a new page comes up with a narrative following your actions.

I sat and played through the thorough and well-written plot 4 times (for purely research purposes) and I loved every second of it. The writing style is realistic yet satirically hilarious for whatever situation you decide to put yourself in and keeps the reader hooked until your character meets a bitter demise or overcomes all the obstacles to survive. If the zombie apocalypse comes in my lifetime, I know the training this game has given me will ensure my safety. Try it yourself and see if you can survive!


Here’s the site again…