This week i stumbled upon (pun intended) a very interesting site. I have no fascination with zombies beyond cinematic adventures or maliciously killing them in video games, but this site really put me in the shoes of an apocalypse survivor. The site is and is cited as being created by Heather Albano and Richard Jackson. If you visit the site you’ll notice the simple layout and easily digestible text that occupies the page. You’re immediately immersed in a recently zombie-stricken narrative and a small introduction precedes some simple questions. These questions determine your path for surviving this zombie breakout and once you click an option a new page comes up with a narrative following your actions.

I sat and played through the thorough and well-written plot 4 times (for purely research purposes) and I loved every second of it. The writing style is realistic yet satirically hilarious for whatever situation you decide to put yourself in and keeps the reader hooked until your character meets a bitter demise or overcomes all the obstacles to survive. If the zombie apocalypse comes in my lifetime, I know the training this game has given me will ensure my safety. Try it yourself and see if you can survive!


Here’s the site again…