Some friends recently introduced me to a site called The title is a little cheesy but the song is one of the best musical aggregators I’ve ever seen. In the age of the Internet, it’s a little difficult to find new music because anyone with a mac and some free time can create music and put it on the Internet. This mass overflow of music makes it hard to weed out the good from the not so good. This site is a wonderful music blog devoted to electronic and hip hop music. These two genres may not appeal to all music lovers but they should at least be given a chance because electronic artists are making incredible music nowadays. 

The site features advertisements for the artists and allows them to promote their work on the site. The creator of the blog is a former colorado student who writes posts praising these artists and shares all the new music he finds on his blog. It is an amazing way to find new music and isn’t as hit or miss as some random music generator sites can be. You can also download almost all of the songs for free so the musicians are more concerned with their music being heard rather than the royalties they make off of it. I believe this is the proper way to treat music distribution and the type of promotional work the site features completely benefits the artists. As a musician, I value what this site does and how it praises the work on their. The site is Check it out.