As a public relations student I have learned to understand just how important a press release can be in determining a how a story will unfold. If the journalist doesn’t receive enough info from the release or the release is egotistically spun in the first place, a great news story can become a distorted and unintentional lie. Press releases must be respected so they will respect us. My classes have shown me several examples of how to write a release but I find I learn much better when I know exactly what NOT to do. I found a fantastic news release that is a shining example to PR and journalism students of what not to strive for.

The news release is promoting the Aggieland Leasing service in College Station, Texas. The real estate service is highlighting the inexpensive renting service and the quality of the homes. Did I mention I had to read the press release about four times to grasp what it was even talking about? The grammar is borderline Neanderthal and half of the sentences don’t even make sense. I always thought the press releases I have written for class assignments were embarrassing inadequate but this press release gives me new hope in my abilities. The release is strongly biased and an inverted pyramid writing technique has been recklessly abandoned for disjunct and chaotic fragments of information arranged into sentences. Journalism and PR students will find this to be quite humorous so check out that press release for a quick self esteem booster!