My studies of human psychology have led me to develop an interest in marketing and how the market segments think when they are making purchase decisions. The bridge between the products and the humans purchasing them are obviously advertisements, which fascinate me even more. Take an abstract look at the daily ads fighting for your attention and try to envision the thought process behind them. Why is the logo red rather than blue? Why is it a middle-aged black male eating that hamburger rather than a teenage Korean girl? Advertisements aren’t improvised and cannot be fully appreciated until one realizes how much work goes into even the smallest ads. Check out these hilarious ads for examples —>

The one that caught my eye features a dog advertising for the Hyundai Coope ( This ad is brilliant because it creates initial curiosity in the audience, is image dependent and clearly articulates a message without many words. The ad has less than ten words but is so effective that no other explanation is necessary. It appeals to all demographics and creates a memorable image of the Hyundai Coope in the customer’s head. This brand image is so important in marketing and the Hyundai advertisers successfully portrayed a positive perception of their product using about five words. If you’re going into advertising as a career, please take notes.


Here’s the link again—>